Warm Scandinavian apartment for young family

This apartment in a new residential building in Kyiv, Ukraine, is not our first project with the client, therefore, in terms of stylistic preferences and vision on the future design, we were on the same wavelength. Our task was to create a light, modern Scandinavian home with an abundance of natural wood and laconic forms. An important condition was the desire of the owner to finish the works within a few months, as well as a limited budget.

The first thing we started with was replanning. The initial distribution of space, in which there was only one bedroom, did not suit a young family with a child. Therefore, we decided to allocate an additional master bedroom in the living room with the help of a glass partition and combine the rest of the room with the kitchen into a common space. As a result, now it is much more convenient to receive guests and just spend time together.

We used mainly light pastel shades and laconic decor pieces in Scandinavian style. Almost all decor items in the apartment are by Ukrainian manufacturers, local craftsmen or budget European brands.

Size: 75 sqm

Year: 2019