Wooden cottage with Scandinavian feel

This small cozy log cottage is located in the woods next to a small lake near Kyiv, Ukraine. The owners approached us with a request to update the interiors of their country cottage, that was previously used mainly on weekends and holidays. The family decided to move here for the whole summer (and maybe more), so they needed a more comfortable and, most importantly, aesthetic living space. Scandinavian touches are easily noticeable in interior design – we were inspired by beloved Scandinavian wooden cottages.

The client did not want to make a large-scale renovation, we were also limited in time, so it was decided not to touch the floor, walls, and ceilings. But we completely changed all the doors in the house, painting them in a beautiful graphite shade – this allowed us to calm and dilute numerous wooden surfaces. All door and window openings were also decorated in this shade. The kitchen, as well as the rest of the cabinet furniture,  was made to order according to our sketches.

Total area: 120 sqm

Year of completion: 2019

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine