About us

PH Studio is the interior design firm founded by a creative duo of designers Anna and Sergiy Shupka. After 6 years of running popular blog Pufik, the couple decided to answer numerous requests and began to create design on their own. Anna graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Technology and Design, before creating her own company she worked for 4 years in a well-known Kiev studio. Sergiy, an economist by education, studied at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, later he worked in international real estate consulting companies.

The studio’s signature style is live, real interiors that are designed in complete harmony with the architecture of the space and have a refined Western aesthetics. Anna and Sergiy do not chase after lots of cool design solutions for the sake of solutions themselves, but rather tend to make both beautiful and comfortable spaces with a twist that reflect the lifestyle and passions of the client.

In 2017, Anna and Sergiy launched the bed linen brand STAY in BED.