Budget apartment in bright colors

One of the main challenges that we faced when creating a design was the desire of the client to fit their old furniture from the previous apartment into new interiors. Spanish dark wood bookcase and a desk in the living room, as well as a bed and a bedside table from the same collection – these were the items that required a special approach, but we tried to find a harmonious place for them in the home. In addition, there were certain limitations on the budget, so almost all the interior items in this project are Ukrainian-made.

The owners, a family with three children, really wanted their home to be filled with colors and bright accents. So, it was decided to paint all the interior doors in bright yellow color, bold accent walls appeared in the living room and bedroom, in the main bathroom cool blue tiles were used. In addition, the kitchen and the hallway has quite active floor tiles, laid out on the principle of “carpet”.

Year of realization: 2017

Kyiv, Ukraine